Monday, September 26, 2011

Book Review: Glass Engraving Course and Patterns by Eastern Publishing

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Photos from top to bottom 1) Front Cover, 2) Back cover, 3 and 4) Samples found in book (no page number given)

I will make a quick review about this book, the reason this review is not going to be so detailed; is because this isn’t one of my favourite books. This book concentrates in surface engraving (sort of scratching the glass with out a drill or a motorized tool) but with a tip holder and diamond and stone burrs. There are no chapters in the book but it has about 18 pages of instructions and about 20 pages of samples and step by step figures on how to do certain engravings. The samples are not quiet as professional as I would like.

One must remember, to be great you must study great exemplars… !

These are some of the subjects discussed in the book:

A bit about the history of glass

Types of glass

Material needed

Helpful hint

The workplace and lighting

The right position is important!

Glass engraving techniques

Can I use the diamond engraver tips in my electric of flex shaft engraver?

Preparing for engraving

Step by step illustrated instruction for your first attempts (22 steps)

Attaching patterns to the outer surface of the glass

These subjects are not discussed in great detail, but you can get the idea.

Because I am awesome… if you want to buy it?? Here it is!

I got the book for 2.98 dollars, at a local book store in their “used section”

A friend recommended to buy the burrs (any diamond burrs that you would like to use) and use these type of mechanical pencils (just make sure the burrs fit the pencils)

Any questions?? Please subscribe or email me and I will try to answer them the best I can!

Thank you for reading and happy happy happy ENGRAVING!

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