Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A small photo from the book: Glass Engraving Course and Patterns by Eastern Publishing

(click on the photo to enlarge) Image is © to Eastern Publishing.

Glass Engraving Course and Patterns by Eastern Publishing is one of the most popular posts on here and a good little book. I decided to share with you all another photo. I hope you all like it. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The elegant works of Mr. Philip Lawson Johnston

(make sure to click "play" on the video above) All images are © to Mr. Philip Lawson Johnston and have been used with his permission.

Fit for a queen.... I love the works of Mr. Johnston and feel so honored to have been given permission by Mr. Johnston himself to share his works with you all. Visit his website and see the rest of his works. Very beautiful and very elegant.

For more information, visit his web site at:

and some more of his works:

Thanks again for visiting and thank you eternally to Mr. Johnston for allowing me to share his works with you. Mr. Johnston... you leave me speechless! =)


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Our first year gift to you!!!

I am thinking that for our first year.... I will give away a book..... I will not just give away ANY BOOK! I will give away a nice out of print book. The book is used and it will be TOTALLY FREE! (Even the shipping) =) Because I am AWESOME! However..... This book will ONLY be given to those who are subscribed to my blog. I will send an email to the subscribers a week before July the 6th (first post ever) and let you know how this will work. If you already have this book then let those who do not have it have a chance to win it =)


Here is a review I did a few months on this book. If interested.... the subscribe and stay tuned!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

One of my all time favourite pieces....

All images are © to Zoltan Viczan and used with permission.

This is one of my favourite pieces. It was done by one of my good friends and one of the best engravers in the world. Mr. Zoltan Viczan. I love this piece because it is simple and delicate and the hands are beautifully engraved. It is simply breath taking.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Lets do a little sketching.... Shall we?

Here is a photo, for those of you who like to engrave roses. I found this photo on line, flipped it ( I normally engrave intaglio so my photos have to be the opposite way when I trace them on to the glass) and then sketched it on my iPhone with an app called "sketch me" (which we have talked about before. Here is the info about this app on the blog:

Well here is the photo! I hope you like it =)

Also want to say "thank you" to the visitors from France, Germany, Malta, Spain, Russia and so many other countries! I really appreciate it =) Thank you all

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pittsburgh Glass Center


I had to take a break for a moment due to some personal issues. I am back! and better than ever =) Please subscribe and keep us posted with new videos, photos and other works! I hope to hear from you all!