Saturday, July 9, 2011

Master drill engraver Nick Davey

Nick Davey - (Who I am still hunting down to get a few of his photos to share with you all) is an amazing drill engraver who works for Dartington Glass (click on the link) There is a book which we will review later called Glass Engraving The Drill Technique by Stuart and Shirley Palmer that goes into detail on how to letter on glass, one of the things the book explains is how to use a quick hand/arm movement instead of finger movement (in calligraphy this is called whole arm movement) which allows you to make fine crisp lines with out shaking those thin lines are called hair linesWell here is Mr. Davey giving you a sample of how to use a fast secure touch and movement and acquire those beautiful letters. This is not sandblasted and because I will only focus on glass engraving on this blog we will not discuss the sandblasting technique. Though I understand that you can sandblast and engrave on a piece, I find it more interesting to have done a whole piece and see the hand movement, a sandblast piece makes a piece look a bit "mechanical" (at least for me) Its like preparing a beautiful piece of paper, marble it or make a beautiful drawing on it and paint something amazing and then instead of writing a quote with calligraphy, have it printed on font.... it will take its magic! In my opinion =0( Here is the vid of Nick and here is the link to see some of his amazing work!

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  1. absolutely fantastic...utterly gob-smacked.