Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The exotic, soft and lifelike cameo engraving of the amazing Terri Colledge

All images are © to Terri Colledge and have been used with her permission. List of photos in order: Photos 1 & 2: "Pink Orchid Perfume Bottle" Photo 3: "Green Dragon Vase" Photo 4: "Blue Chameleon Vase"

By far... some of the best cameo engraving done by drill I have seen. I cam across Terri's work through my good friend Zoltan a few months ago, I wrote Terri and asked if we could feature her on our blog and she said yes! Here are some links so you can read some more about this talented woman, and some of the photos she has shared with me.

Here is some information about the artist :

Terri-Louise Colledge
From the Midlands in the UK
Been Glass engraving for 11 years, but initially began as an enamel painter after leaving school.
Every piece is unique, taking around 6-8 weeks to complete, highly sort after by collectors world wide.

Her Facebook page (where you can see some more amazing photos)

Rusking glass centre page:

An article of Terri:

Terri Making History

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